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Maybe you know that we are also drummers? So when we say MEINL is "By drummers, for drummers", we mean it. We are also always looking to create new things for drummers and better ways to do that, so there is a lot of innovation in what we do and how we do it. As you will see on the following pages, MEINL innovations aren't limited to just designing new cymbals. No, they extend to how those cymbals are made, the fact that we are the first to use four types of bronze and that we also offer such a wide variety of traditional and modern sounds. Of course we respect tradition, but really, the future is where we are going.

But the greatest thing for all of us at MEINL is the friendships we share with drummers, and the trust they put in us. To us, that is our greatest achievement to date.

Possibly all of this makes MEINL that little bit different. But then like you we are musicians, and musicians are not like everybody else.

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