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Samson DK705 trommemikrofon-sett

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Samson DK705 trommemikrofon-sett

5-delers kit for oppmikking av trommer både live og i studio inkludert hardplastkasse. Q72 mikrofoner for skarp og tammer har snap-on brakett som festes direkte på trommerim. Q71 basstrommemic festes i eget stativ: https://www.trommeslager.no/products/km-galge-mikrofonstativ-for-basstrommeskarp (Følger ikke med). 

The DK705 features Samson's Q71 kick drum microphone and four Q72 snare/tom microphones. Each mic features a shock-mounted neodymium element and precise capsule porting. The Q71 handles high SPLs and provides the optimal frequency response for properly capturing the full essence of your bass drum. The Q6I mics reproduce the attack and warmth of your snare drum and toms with a present, natural tone. Each DK705 mic has a durable, performance-tested mounting system for optimal placement. The Q71 features a swivel mount that is compatible with all standard microphone stands, while the Q72 mics also include multi-position clips that securely attach to drum rims. All of the microphones and mounting accessories pack up into a heavy-duty road case.

  • 5-piece drum mic kit
  • One Q71 kick mic with mic stand swivel mount
  • Four Q72 snare/tom mics with mic stand swivel mounts and multi-position rim clips
  • Includes heavy duty road case