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Sabian XSR Monarch 16" O-Zone crashcymbal

Art.nr: 50065062
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Sabian XSR Monarch 16" O-Zone crashcymbal

Trashy og tøff 16" O-Zone cymbal med kort og varm etterklang. Ubehandlet overflate (mer masse) gir ett tyngre register enn størrelsen skulle tilsi, og funker fint til å "crashride" denne.

Like all Sabian XSR cymbals, the 16-inch Monarch O-Zone Crash — part traditional crash, part FX cymbal — is fueled by Sabian's centuries-old B20 bronze formulation. But unlike others in the series, XSR Monarch O-Zone Crash features a series of perforations to impart a rawer, faster, more explosive bite to the aged B20's darkly musical attack.

This gives the XSR Monarch O-Zone Crash broad applications: played softly, it adds subtle ornamentation with its dark and moody roar, but as it opens up, the XSR O-Zone transitions to an explosive fury characterized by a trashy, china-like penetrating power. This suits the XSR O-Zone Crash to a wide range of cymbal applications: accents, downbeats, grooves, stabs, and more. Discover a different side of the XSR Monarch series, with the Monarch O-Zone 16-inch Crash.


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