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ALESIS DRP 100 headsett for el trommer

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ALESIS DRP 100 headsett for el trommer

Rimelig og godt headsett beregnet for digitalisert lyd. 40mm heltone-drivere leverer tette bassfrekvenser og fullspektret toneregister som gir deg som trommeslager en tydelig gjengivelse av dine digitale trommer. Headsettet er lukket og kan også brukes når du spiller til loops eller øver på akustiske trommer. Anbefales!    


The Alesis DRP100 electronic drum reference headphones incorporate accurate sound reproduction and extreme audio isolation for monitoring electronic drum kits in the studio, during practice, and on the stage. Designed for today’s electronic drummers, DRP100 comes precisely voiced and purpose-built to capture the full dynamics and nuances of electronic drum kits. Its 40mm full-range drivers deliver a tight low end and wide frequency response, ensuring that every piece of the kit comes across crystal-clear. DRP100 features an over-ear design for extreme audio isolation and outstanding comfort, making it easy to play along with the band, record to a cue mix, or practice privately for long periods of time. Plus, a silicone headband secures DRP100 in place while you rock out on the stage or in the studio.